The Reluctant Ranter is thrilled (a rarity) to receive The Liebster Award!

Liebester blog award

I am delighted to be the recipient of a Liebster Award from Experienced Tutors.

On starting this blog two months ago I had no idea what would happen. It has been a head-scratching and exciting experience. Everytime I press the ‘publish’ button it is a mixture of exhilaration and fear. Will anyone read it? Will what I am saying resonate? Is the writing up to scratch? I guess it’s the same with anything new and unchartered, but it has been a great journey so far and this award is a a wonderful boost. I’m still finding my blog-legs, but am glad I seem to be doing something right!

According to the Liebster rules I have 11 questions to answer, 11 questions to ask other bloggers I pass the award onto and 11 random facts. I want to take my time to choose the blogs to pass the award onto so for the moment I will tackle 11 random facts.

11 things about me –

  • My idol is David Attenborough (I will not accept Brian Cox as his replacement, no matter what people say)
  • I have ten stitches in my head
  • I spent 10 weeks in a Bornean rainforest with orangutans
  • My first novel is sitting in a drawer screaming for its next unrecognisable draft
  • In another life I was a sloth
  • I am the eldest with 15 years between me and the youngest
  • I can balance a pint glass on the back of my aforementioned needle-cushion head
  • I walked past Jude Law once and fell into the bonnet of a car
  • Slugs and snails freak me out
  • I am working on a rhyming children’s book that features a beaver and alien
  • My feet hate shoes

I’m off to conquer those other 11’s now!


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