Girls will be girls….or will they?


Girls will be girls….or will they?

This morning I read an article in that listed 11 things that girls like. As a girl (and apart from the lazy journalism since these facts are all garnered from tweets) I found some of them ridiculous and others just dumb. For that extra dose of Wednesday madness, which ones do you think were said by a girl/woman or boy/man?

1) Having a bobby pin there right when you need it – not named after a random Bobby, but the bob hairstyle where it was used to keep the hair in place. They are rubbish, always fall out, never stay in the right place and poke you dagger-like on lying down when you forget they are there (as they usually fall out). Give me a hair tie any day. NEXT…

2) M&Ms – They’re chocolate, colourful, wear strange oversized white gloves and it’s cliched, but in most cases probably true, especially when at the cinema.

3) Fictional characters and celebrities twice their age – These two don’t seem to go together. Was this person somehow watching Snow White and suddenly George Clooney popped into their head? Did they experience a dream where Hugh Hefner’s visage was in place of Shrek’s face? Both statements may be true. Fiction is frequently more fun that reality and celebrities, well, they are well groomed, PR’d to the hilt and as you will never meet most of them are a fictitious character anyway. Ah, now I get the link!

4) When our bra and underwear match because it feels like we have our life together – I wish ‘having my life together’ was that easily accomplished. I wish when dressing in the morning that wearing all black, red, pink, etc. meant that the day and my life would run smoothly. There would be no meetings you would rather pull your teeth out than sit through or mad dash for the bus with a driver that pretends not to see you and shuts the door in your face. It’s all rainbows and ponies. But what happens when you run out of underwear matches? Is your world suddenly sent down a spiral of devastation and despair? Will your day just go from bad to worse? The risk is too great so I’ll stick to whatever comes to hand! Drivel….

5) They like to post a sh*t ton of photos of themselves and get 100+ likes on them on FB – I think this person is just angry. At the world, at social networks, at women. Steer clear…

6) Harry Styles – Floppy hair, young, stupid all of which make him perfect fodder for teenage adoration. Girls may like him, women do not. Or if they do really shouldn’t as it’s creepy, or at least not admit it in public.

7) Girls like it when you don’t treat them like boys – This one confuses me. Is it in the sense that men turn into gentlemen and do gestures such as open doors or buy you dinner? Or is it that they are suddenly allowed pull your hair and stare at your chest? Answers on a blog please…

8) Tugboats. Girls like tugboats – I have never thought about them or been on one so I appreciate the heads up. I could be partial to a tugboat especially if they look like this:


9) Sulking and duck-mouthing – This individual has been burned. Singed within an inch of their life after being on the receiving end of a sulk. Doesn’t everybody sulk at one time or another? I would equate it more with children or teenagers not getting their way. Perhaps women are just better at it. I have no idea what duck mouthing is, although am guessing it is the expression that accompanies a sulk. There is a girl out there somewhere wearing a beak.

10) Crying – Blah, blah… it’s so old and overused it has mould.

11) Sloths – I am a huge fan of sloths. Anything that sleeps for 3/4 of their life and has three toes get a thumbs up from me.


2 thoughts on “Girls will be girls….or will they?

  1. Good post but I am not being drawn into that male/female bit.

    With only three digits do sloths have a thumb/big toe or are they simply unable to give a `thumbs up`? I’ll ponder that one after I’ve had my afternoon kip.

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